“Wine, the nectar of the Gods”

Wine and Food are coupled  to please the individual tastes of each and every person. The old golden rule of white for fish and red for meat is gone and forgotten. Today people choose their wine according to the ingredients that make up the dish they wish to enjoy. A good piece of salmon goes down well with a fine Pinot Noir. Light fruity off dry wines compliment a great chicken curry and a strong tomato based “Kleftiko”is perfect with a splendid Syrah. Wine is used to celebrate special occasions, to romance a would be lover or to spoil your partner or even to chill out completely and get deliciously inebriated. Our wines were chosen to offer different varietals as well as different regions.

Our food is prepared with only the best ingredients so it stands to reason it should be enjoyed with only the best wines. Some times during the year some vintages may run out and while waiting for the new vintage we might find ourselves out of stock of certain wines for a short while. There are many other great wines to choose from. In today’s times eating out for many people is a luxury enjoyed by a very small percentage of the population. Therefore if we are privileged to be able to enjoy the visit to “as Greek as it Gets” then let’s not rush it but enjoy every minute spent in this quaint dorp just 20 minutes from  Pretoria. If you are unsure as to what wine would compliment your meal, then feel free to let me guide you.

Stavros Vladislavic’ (chef patron)